Regardless of where you will be living in Japan, we can help you find a comfortable home.
We can also provide you with furniture and appliance delivery at your convenience.

Our senior consultant will communicate with you and manage all of the complicatedprocesses associated with your relocation.

This program includes the services stated below:

  • Rental property information
  • Maps of properties, near by schools, clinics, dentists, fitness centers,grocery stores, etc.
  • Home-finding tour
  • Area orientation for each property
  • When narrowed down to one property, will provide additional details
  • Manage paperwork between your company’s HR department and the real-estateagent
  • Assist with purchasing/leasing of furniture/appliances
  • Set-up water, gas, electricity, phone, internet and satellite TV
  • Key preparation and move-in inspection accompaniment
  • Explanation of garbage regulations
  • Explanation of how to use each appliance

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