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Privacy Policy

Your personal information is handled properly in REAL JAPAN.
Privacy policy of our company is stated below.

Indication of Purpose of Use / Prohibition of Unauthorized Use

When we acquire personal information from customer, we indicate the purpose of use, and use it only for the stated purpose.

When personal information is required for other than stated purpose, we inform it to the customer and obtain his or her consent. When customer does not agree with the new use, we refrain from using the personal information.

Nondisclosure and Non-sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties

We do not disclose or share personal information with third parties except in the following conditions:


When consent from customer is obtained


When REAL JAPAN commission outside company, which exchanged confidentiality agreement with, to conduct tasks such as system registration and direct mailing

3. When personal information is required for legal purposes or in similar circumstances

Protection and Proper Handling of Customer's Personal Information

We protect and handle personal information properly with strict measures.

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